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Disrupting history

Crypto Marketing

RBXS delivers gueurilla-like marketing plans, content, and artwork to boost awareness of your token.

Complete Solution

Gain a fully integrated department without the big cost and stress of adding new staff to your team.

Quality Control

All of our tokens pass a rigorous evaluation process, making sure your token gets the best quality of service and attention.

What we do

Manual Shilling
Shilling Army​

Our team of Samurai shillers is brought on board to generate awareness of your token launch whether it’s brand new or existing in the market.

Social Engagement​

The teams' focus will be to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms.

Social Influencers

Influencers are also targeted on each platform to utilize their following to further generate awareness of your token.

Marketing Materials​

Our team of Copywriting and Publishing experts will generate all your publishing needs.


From forming your Whitepaper all the way down to the smallest announcements; our team will provide clear, concise, and engaging content for your community.

Complete solutions​​

Website Development and Listing services also provided.

Content Creation
Media Creation

Our Content Development team works directly with you to build, generate, and disperse highly engaging art and videography.

Customized Content​

Logo creation, GIFs, Meme Videos, and other marketing content is custom formatted and built to your Token's theme.

Visualizing Data​​​​​

RBXS believes every client has their own unique vision; which is why we take the time to help you develop a custom look and feel for your token.

Macro Shilling
Content Set-up

Create and execute a pinned information or contest post to Telegram.

Macro Bots​

RBXS utilizes a group of macro-bots that posts up to 67,200 messages per week, generating organic growth to your token.

Stress Free​​​​​

Takes the stress of constant posting to your Telegram channels away so you can focus on what matters most.

Contract Development

Smart contract development in Solidity & Rust by our team of experienced software engineers.

Dapp Development​​

Custom Web3 integration allowing visitors to interact with your smart contracts via the web.

RBX/Carbon Engine​​​​​

Backed by the powerful RBX & Carbon engine, gain access to our suite of tools for use in your product.

Marketing Strategy

We can provide marketing consultation for your brand, as well as team augmentation.

Token Strategy​​

Our team of professionals can provide support in a wide range of disciplines surrounding a cryptocurrency product & its launch.

Launch Support​​​​​

Our team of experienced engineers can provide launch support. We offer a wide range of products under the RBX umbrella.

Our customers include

Case studies

Services: Manual Shilling, Macro Shilling

Results: 2.5x increase in volume and 30% increase in share price.

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